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Free Shipping over PKR 2,000/-
Free Shipping over PKR 2,000/-

Order and Shipping

How to find a product?
Finding your product is easy.
Whatever you are looking for, you are only a few clicks away!
There are four different ways for you to find a product.
  1. Product catalog: You can search through the catalog. Select a category to see a wide range of products.
  2. Search function: Do you already have something specific in mind? Then type anything that you are looking for in the search field at the top of the page. You will find all related products.
  3. Featured campaigns: One of the featured campaigns interests you? Then click on a range of products.
  4. Featured products: You will also be able to find a selection of our best products and offers in the featured boxes displayed on our website.
Did you find something that seems interesting to you? Then just click on the product to find a full description.
You can review the specifications of the selected product
If you want to buy the product then just click on "Buy Now" to add it to your cart.
You are now in your cart and have the opportunity to review the products that you would like to order.
Now, you can either:
  1. Continue shopping by clicking on "Continue Shopping".
  2. Proceed to check out and finalize your order by clicking on "Proceed to Checkout"
  3. Withdraw some products from your cart by clicking on "Remove".
How to buy a product?
  1. Log on to to shop from over 9,000 products.
  2. Browse in the catalog and add items you like to your cart.
  1. Register with your email or Facebook account
Choose your payment option.
Have your products delivered wherever, nationwide.
How to use the cart?
Your cart allows you to review your selection, make some changes before ordering and see the final price. You will access it every time you click on "Buy a product" or on "Cart" at the top of the page
How to use the Cart?
After having selected your products, you will be able to review your selection as well as add or remove products.
Your options:
  1. Review your selection and the prices of the selected items as well as the total cost on the right
  2. Add or remove the selected products by changing the quantity of the items you selected. You can also remove the ones you don't want anymore, by either selecting a different quantity or clicking on remove.
  3. Do you have a voucher or a gift code? Just fill it in to have an overview of the final price.
Are you happy with your selection?
You can now:
  1. Proceed to checkout to order.
  2. Continue shopping to further browse the product catalog.
How to pay on delivery?
After having proceeded to checkout simply select the paying on delivery option as your payment method
Proceed to checkout by clicking on the link
 Your order will be delivered to you
 You can pay either in cash or with your card
How can you pay for your purchase?
We support the following payment options:
  1. Cash on Delivery
Using this service, you can pay cash to the delivery agent upon receiving your order. This service will enable you to shop at conveniently and hassle free. When you make a purchase using the Cash on Delivery option, your product will be booked. Our Customer Care Expert will call to confirm your Order before it gets dispatched. You can pay in cash to the delivery agent upon receiving your order. However, in some cases we require full or partial advance payments where order total exceeds COD threshold or supplier require pre payments before arranging the product. Delivery time may vary product to product.
  1. Credit Card/Visa Debit Card
We accept payments through Visa and Master cards. If you wish to pay through your Credit Card/Visa debit card at checkout, this will let you to the page. You just need to provide your card details here (Card no., Expiry, Verification Code etc.) and you are done with all procedures. Your online transaction on is secure as per standards available on the Internet. All credit card and Credit Card/Visa debit card payments on are processed through secure and trusted payment gateway. realizes the importance of a strong fraud detection and resolution capability. We and our online payment partners monitor transactions continuously for suspicious activity and flag potentially fraudulent transactions for manual verification by our team. Please note that 2.5% extra will be charged for charging from Credit/Debit cards.
We love hearing from our customers. You can email us with any questions at info@ We will respond back to you email as quickly as possible within a span of 24 - 48 Hrs.
Or you can call us anytime from Monday to Saturday, between 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Call Us: 0311164086
One of our Experienced Customer Support Representatives will be taking your phone call and assist you for any of your concerns or queries!
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