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Vitamin C Toner

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Exfoliates, Soothes, and brightens!


Posch Care Vitamin C Toner is a water-based and mellow formula that boosts collagen production. Imbued with Salicylic Acid - a beta-hydroxy acid that deeply penetrates in the layers of the dermis - and gently exfoliates the skin. Power-packed with antioxidants, it offers protection to the skin, enhances the radiance of the skin, and improves skin clarity. It nourishes the skin by allowing the deeper layers of skin to get moisturized.

Featured Ingredients:

Aqua, Glycerol, 3-Glyceryl Ascorbate, Panthenol, Salicylic Acid, Ethylhexylglycerin, Propylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance.

Skin Problems:

✓ Wrinkles

✓ Fine lines

✓ Clogged pores

✓ Dark spots

✓ Dull skin

✓ Hyperpigmentation

Skin types:

✓ Dry

✓ Oily

✓ Normal

Vitamin C Toner Benefits:

Collagen Production:

Collagen is a vital protein that allows the skin to retain its elasticity and firmness.  Vitamin C toner is enriched with a collagen-boosting complex that diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Exfoliates the skin:

The fast-acting micro-particles exfoliate the skin pore-by-pore, eliminate all the excessive traces of dirt and oil, and keep the skin hydrated, clean, and refreshed.

Balances the pH levels:

It neutralizes the skin’s alkalinity that is consequently hindering your skin’s optimal pH balance hence keeping the pH levels balanced. This allows the skin to have improved moisturization.

A youthful glow:

When the Vitamin C Toner is used on a regular basis, the radiance-boosting antioxidants give your skin a youthful and younger appearance by tightening the pores, regenerating skin cells, and giving your skin a dewy glow.

Fades Hyperpigmentation:

It combats hyperpigmentation by reducing the production of excessive melanin. It reduces sun spots, age spots and protects your skin from hyperpigmentation.


Spray on your face 6-15 inches away before or after your beauty regime. Allow it to absorb completely into your skin.


Cleanse your face with Posch Care Vitamin C face wash and pat it dry. Put some amount of Posch Care Vitamin C toner on a clean cotton pad.  Gently layer the face and neck with the toner.  Allow it to dry completely.

Posch Tip:

Use the ‘thinnest to thickest’ rule while following your skincare regime.